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10 days cruise in the Grenadines!

Le Marin Port
13.5 m
Up to 6 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
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Shared cruise Private cruise

The cruise

Set sail with Eric, for the Caribbean! Discover the Grenadine Islands and its magnificent scenery.

Your possible stops during this cruise

Eric will take you on a tour of the paradise panoramas of the Grenadine Islands in the Caribbean. Set out from Port du Marin or the marina of Fort-de-France in Martinique on board his boat for a magical 10 day cruise.
The Grenadines have much to offer. There is a great diversity of landscapes and flora and fauna. And there are constant surprises. The views are magnificent naturally but there is so much more. A cruise to the Grenadines is also a great human adventure. Visiting the islands from a yacht gets you closer to nature and you'll get to visit places that others cannot go. All in all, it makes for a magical voyage of discovery full of wonder. Click here for several photos of Saint Vincent !

During your cruise you can also visit Union Island, where you'll find the most beautiful bays of the islands, including the magnificently serene Chatham Bay. The island is well off the beaten trail and has preserved its local authenticity. Then set sail for Saint Vincent, a private, more exclusive island, before heading to Mayreau, where you can walk the hills and admire the incredible panoramic views of the Tobago Cays. You can also set sail for Béquia, where you'll find the 'Ginger Bread', a restaurant specializing in ginger pastries! Sainte Lucie meanwhile holds a warm welcome in store. Despite the many tourists, there are many locals who live there, and they are very hospitable. It is a lively island that has managed to preserve its authentic local charm.

Our Skippair advice:
From Sainte Lucie to the Grenadines, the crossing takes 10-12 hours, providing a perfect opportunity to learn a few sailing manoeuvres and leave you land habits behind! Here is some advice how to switch off on the skippair blog. Take advantage of Eric's advice. He'll be delighted to share his knowledge of sailing and of the Caribbean with you.

The boat


RM 1350 - 13.5m


  • 3 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 2 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers


Sailboat of 3 double cabins, one with bunk beds + 2 beds in the square with anti-roll cloths and 2 berths in the back.

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers

Food on board

The skipper cooks, you put your feet up!

Location and boarding time


Le Marin Port

Boarding time

Selon vols

Landing time

Selon vols

How to get there ?

Book a flight to Fort-de-france. The Marin is only 40 min far from the airport. You can take a taxi (~60€ drive)

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