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Yacht cruise: 10 days in the Grenadines

Le Marin Port
17.0 m
Up to 6 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
Available in :
Shared cruise Private cruise

The cruise

Let yourself be tempted by 10 dreamy days in the Caribbean on board Philippe's yacht! Leaving Martinique, you'll sail towards the south to discover the Grenadines island chain.
This chain of 32 wild islands provides the ideal sailing itinerary. Disconnect from your daily life and experience something completely new! You'll alternate between periods of sailing, bathing in the turquoise waters, siestas in the shade of coconut palms, and exploring islands... Either with family or friends, get on board for an unforgettable cruise in the sun.

Your possible stops during this cruise

Your professional skipper Philippe will design an itinerary for you. This may be adapted according to your wishes and the weather conditions. Tell your skipper your preferences, he is very open to adjustments.

First day:
Philippe will meet you at 6pm in the Marin Marina. During this first evening together, you'll get to know your skipper and this will be your chance to discuss the itinerary of the cruise more precisely, and to get to know how life on board works!

Second day: Marin Marina - St Lucia
After your first night on the yacht, you'll depart for St Lucia. Full steam ahead! This first sail of around 5 hours until you reach the famous Marigot Bay will be an excellent chance for you to get yourself oriented. Marigot Bay is an extraordinary bay which is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Surrounded by hills, you'll discover a ribbon of white sand which opens up to crystal clear water.
In the evening, you can have a glass of wine or dine in the bay's small, picturesque restaurants, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere with the local music groups playing in the background.

Third day: St Lucia - Bequia
At daybreak, you'll set sail for the largest island in the chain: Bequia. Still unknown to the crowds of mass tourism, this huge rock is an unmissable stop if you want to experience the Caribbean way of life. During this beautiful day of sailing, you're sure to share your route with dolphins and whales which are numerous along this channel. You'll disembark in Admiralty Bay in the afternoon where you'll be able to savour a cocktail on dry land.

Fourth day: Bequia - Tobago Cays
In the morning, you'll be free to visit Bequia. This seaport is a crossing point for all sailors. You'll be able to wander around the narrow streets, discover the fruit and vegetable market and typical corner shops, and immerse yourself in this friendly environment. After lunch, you'll sail to the south to discover the famous Tobago Cays. During this extraordinary voyage, lasting around three hours, you'll sail along the coasts of several small islands in the heart of the Grenadines, such as Petit Nevis, Petite Canouan, Ile Quatre, and Canouan. In the evening, you'll sleep with an open anchorage and with your head in the stars!

Fifth day: Tobago Cays
Your skipper has reserved an entire day for you to enjoy this tiny paradise to the maximum. Four small islands surround a breathtaking lagoon. This deep mirror, around 2 to 4 metres deep, gives you an amazing show: in the turquoise water, thousands of multicoloured fish, tortoises and rays swim... Throughout the day, you'll lounge on the beaches in the sun, explore the seabeds, and make the most of these idyllic islands...

Sixth day: Petit Saint Vincent - Mopion - Union Island
For this sixth day, you'll discover the small islands which are typical of the Grenadines. You'll enjoy crystal clear water and discover extraordinary corals. On Union Island, in Clifton, you'll find some small houses. Here you can restock, look around the small stores, and do some shopping...

Seventh day: Canouan
After a sunny morning in Clifton, you'll head towards Canouan to enjoy the ideal water for snorkelling .

Eighth day: Canouan - Saint Vincent
You'll set sail in the early morning for Saint Vincent. This calm voyage will give you the chance to catch a good fish for your breakfast... One you've arrived in Saint Vincent, you can take a trip around the island, take a swim in the sea, or even explore the seabeds.

Ninth day: Saint Vincent - St Lucia
Leaving Saint Vincent, you'll sail for around four hours to the north to St Lucia. Philippe will anchor naturally at the foot of the Pitons: two impressive mountains that plunge into the sea. This protected natural park provides exceptional snorkelling opportunities.

Tenth day: St Lucia - Martinique
After a final breakfast on board, you'll head towards Martinique. A final voyage of 3 hours awaits you... Once you've arrived in Sainte-Anne, you'll be able to enjoy one more bathe in the sea before returning to the port of Marin.
Make the most of this last evening on board to discuss your best memories of the cruise!

Eleventh day: Port of Marin
After tidying the yacht, you'll disembark and leave Philippe, with the only thoughts on your mind being when you can come back!

The boat


SLOOP 17 - 17.0m


  • 4 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 3 shower room(s)
  • 220V

The skipper sleeps in the middle


Professional sailboat, 17m long, to offer a comfortable and convivial cruise.
Inside, vast square, 4 double cabins (2 with double bed and 2 with bunk beds) ventilated, and 3 room of water / WC.

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in the middle

Food on board

The skipper helps you to cook, but everyone lends a hand.

Location and boarding time


Le Marin Port

Boarding time


Landing time


Embarquement à partir de 18h à la Marina du Marin, ponton n 3.

How to get there ?

You can take a flight to Fort de France in Martinique (with Air France, Air Caraïbes, and Corsair).
From the airport, take a taxi to the Marin Marina.

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