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All-inclusive cruise in the Grenadines

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Le Marin Port
14.1 m
Up to 6 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
Available in :
Private cruise

The cruise

From the beginning of December to the end of June, Loïc operates cruises for family groups or groups of friends aboard a spacious catamaran. Propelled by the trade winds, you will explore the Grenadines archipelago, namely Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Tobago Cays, etc. – turquoise-blue waters, white sandy beaches bordered by coconut trees, characteristic brightly coloured villas, and unforgettable snorkelling among myriad coloured fish.

Your possible stops during this cruise

You'll board the boat in the evening on the day before departure. The following morning, we'll raise the anchor and head off for three wonderful hours of sailing to Saint Lucia and a choice of Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay or Soufrière, which lies at the foot of the two Pitons.
The next day will be the longest day of sailing as we depart and head for the Grenadines and Port Elizabeth, on the island of Bequia, which will mark our entrance to the Grenadines. Along the way, the wind in our sails, we'll pass along the coast of Saint Vincent, and towards late afternoon/early evening, you'll get to see and admire the bay of Bequia. You'll then have the chance to visit the town, with its colourful houses and characteristic fruit and vegetable stalls. With the magnificent views it offers from its highest points, a tour of the island is highly recommended.
The programme for the following days consists of Mustique and its coconut tree-lined white sandy beaches and villas of the stars, Mayreau and the breathtaking views over Tobago Cays from its heights, Union Island, Petit St Vincent, and finally, the Tobago Cays – an immense lagoon of turquoise-blue water where you will get to swim with turtles and rays – and its reef, where you'll have the opportunity to go diving in a veritable natural aquarium.
On the way back there'll be stops at first Saint Lucia then Saint-Anne on Martinique for a last opportunity to go bathing before the return to Le Marin.

The boat


Lagoon 47 - 14.1m


  • 4 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 4 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in a double cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers


Catamaran with 4 cabins with double beds.

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in a double cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers

Food on board

The passengers cook but a hostess option is available

Location and boarding time


Le Marin Port

Boarding time


Landing time


Possibilité de partir d'une autre île des Grenadines sur demande

How to get there ?

Fly directly from Paris to Fort-de-France, Martinique (Air France, Air Caraïbes or Corsair). From the airport, take a taxi to the port at Le Marin.

Reviews by our travellers

1 Review - (5/5)

The Cruise :Excellent

The Skipper :Excellent

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