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Catamaran Cruise in Brittany

Kernevel Port
14.3 m
Up to 9 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
Available in :
Private cruise

The cruise

Set sail with Christophe to discover the wonders of the Iroise Sea. The professional skipper offers catamaran cruises of 2-5 days so you can really savour the pleasures of his magnificent craft. Visit the key sites of South Brittany like Concarneau, Belle-île-en-mer, or the Glénan Islands!

Your possible stops during this cruise

For 2 day cruises, the skipper will offer several itineraries, depending on the weather conditions and your desires:

Full speed ahead to the Glénan Islands! This magnificent Breton archipelago and its scattering of islands with white sandy beaches bathing in turquoise waters will give you the impression of being in the West Indies. The landscape is very unusual for Brittany and offers a magnificent change of scene and a chance to escape the world. (Consult our article – in French –on Skippair's Sail-away Blog about the Glénan Islands!

Or why not visit Concarneau, with its fortified town packed with surprises, and take a trip back through time. Make sure you visit its fortifications, (which are free during school holidays!). Visit their canneries or indulge your sweet tooth and savour their delicious craft-baked cookies here for example!

If you're setting out on a longer cruise, you skipper will be happy to adapt to your desires (depending on weather conditions of course). Here are two possible cruise tours:
Direction Belle-île. After several hours sailing you'll land at the fishing island of Houat, with its attractive town, white sand beaches and fish-market at the Port de Saint-Gildas. Belle-île is nature reserve with a magnificent array of animal species and protected plant life. The island has rocky coasts, interspersed with white sandy beaches. Then you can set sail for the Morbihan gulf. Along the way, you'll encounter 'la Petite mer', which is one of the most beautiful bays in the world!

On Belle-île, Skippair also advises you to visit the famous crags of Port-Coton, dramatic shards of rock protruding from the water, sculpted by the ravages of the sea over time. They are truly majestic.

Or a special tour focussing on Breton history. Starting at the fortified town of Concarneau, you'll sail the Brittany coast to discover the landscapes that have been key to the history of Brittany before arriving at Pont-Aven, and the Aven River on which it was built and its 14 windmills which helped it grow.

How many ports of call you visit will depend on the duration of your cruise!

Rates are based on those for 6 passengers.

The boat


Salina 48 - 14.3m


  • 4 double cabin(s)
  • 1 single cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 4 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in the middle


If you spend the night on board, this large catamaran of 4 double cabins can accommodate 9 passengers in cabins. Two additional passengers can sleep in the square. If you go aboard for the day, the catamaran can accommodate up to 18 passengers!

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in the middle

Food on board

The skipper cooks, you put your feet up!

Location and boarding time


Kernevel Port

Boarding time

9h environ

Landing time

18h environ

How to get there ?

The port of Kernevel is only few minutes far from Lorient. You can get to Lorient by car by train or by train.

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