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Catamaran holidays in Corsica

Charles Ornano Port, Ajaccio
14.5 m
Up to 9 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
Available in :
Private cruise

The cruise

Your professional skipper Nicolas welcomes you on board for an unforgettable week long holiday in Corsica, either to Bonifacio and the Lavezzi Islands, or to Scandola and the Calanques de Piana!
On board a comfortable catamaran, sail along the west coast departing from Ajaccio.
Let yourself be charmed by the Isle of Beauty, its idyllic beaches, isolated coves and cliffs which plunge into the sea... Take a look around here to find out more now about the beaches in Ajaccio!

Your possible stops during this cruise

Nicolas offers two different routes. Departing from Ajaccio, you'll be able to sail either along the west coast towards the south, or towards the north. Let him know which you prefer when you book! Your pro skipper Nicolas can adapt to whatever you want! The aim is for you to have an enjoyable holiday in Corsica!


First day: Nicolas will meet you at 3pm in the port of Ajaccio. On board, your skipper will brief you on the cruise, on the safety rules and on life at sea. Hoist the sails and have your first exciting experiences on board this amazing catamaran! You'll first sail in the Gulf of Ajaccio. You'll then anchor in open water in this gulf, alongside Sainte Barbe Cove, or further to the east in Portigliolo Bay.

Second day: From the Gulf of Ajaccio you'll sail towards Ficajola Bay, 30 miles away (around 5-6 hours of sailing). When leaving the gulf you'll pass the Sanguinaires, an archipelago of four dark red islets that you must see. Then you'll sail along the coast and discover the gulfs of Lava and Sagone. Amazing white, sandy beaches border these exceptional inlets.
At the end of the day, at sunset, you'll discover the Gulf of Porto. You'll sail into Ficajola Bay for a wonderful panorama. You'll spend the night anchored.

Third day: In the morning you'll leave Ficajola Bay and head for Galeria! A wonderful sailing ground awaits you in Scandola. This nature reserve, both at sea and on land, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is breathtakingly beautiful. Later you'll drop the anchor in Elbo Bay to enjoy an unobstructed view over the red porphyry cliffs and the tall mountains.

Fourth day: After sleeping in Galeria Bay, you'll set sail for the walled town of Calvi, 20 miles away. (This will take around 3-4 hours.)
You'll be able to visit the 'citadel of pink roofs' at the end of the day before enjoying a lovely evening in the port. This is the perfect chance to soak up the Corsican atmosphere.

Fifth day: You'll begin your return to the south, from Calvi to Girolata. You'll never get bored of the unspoiled coastline of the Scandola Nature Reserve. In the afternoon you'll pass the Muchillina and Rossa headlands to reach the Gulf of Girolata. The magnificent red rocks will stand out in the dazzling light. You'll anchor in the bay, beneath the fort.

Sixth day: You'll sail for 20 miles (around 3-4 hours) to Cargèse. This route alongside the unspoiled coastline will offer you unforgettable views

Seventh day: Enjoy your last day of sailing to the maximum! You'll sail the whole morning then eat lunch anchored alongside the Sanguinaires Islands, before floating into the gulf to spend the night there.

Eighth day: You'll disembark at around 8am in the port of Ajaccio. Your head will be full of long-lasting memories after having experienced an incredible holiday on board an exceptional catamaran!


First day: You'll climb on board at 3pm in the port of Ajaccio. This gives you the morning to wander around the old town, soaking up the Corsican culture, before hoisting the anchor for a week at sea. To Sainte Barbe! You'll sail around the Gulf of Ajaccio before dining and sleeping anchored in the bay.

Second day: You'll leave the Gulf of Ajaccio sailing for Valinco, around 3 hours away, During this day you'll be able have lunch anchored in Porto Pollo, enjoy leisurely dips in the water and even do some snorkelling around the Taravu Rocks.
After lunch, you'll set sail towards the Gulf of Valinco. If you have the time, and if you want to, you can visit Campomoro, a small fishing village which has kept its authentic charm. You'll spend the night anchored.

Third day: From the Gulf of Valinco you'll head towards Senetosa, around 2 hours of sailing away. You'll enjoy amazing, isolated anchoring spots and have lunch in the bay of Arana. You'll pass the well-known headland of Roccapina then arrive in Bonifacio in the late afternoon, entering through the impressive port: the huge cliff which overlooks the town is a sight to behold.

Fourth day: After spending the night anchored in Bonifacio, you'll sail towards the Lavezzi Islands, further to the south, for around 3 hours of sailing alongside some rare sea birds, the Cory’s Shearwater. The Lavezzi Islands will offer you incredible panoramic views. You'll then anchor by the island of Piana.

Fifth day: After breakfast with an unobstructed view, you'll be able to enjoy water sports in a real natural aquarium. Then, back up to the north! You'll sail up to Roccapina Bay, 3 hours away. You'll anchor there for the night.

Sixth day: For this sixth day of sailing, you'll head along the coast until you reach Propriano, a very popular town due to its wonderful beaches, small restaurants and lively bars. You'll be able to visit the village and take advantage of it to do some shopping.

Seventh day: From Propriano you'll set sail for Ajaccio, 3 hours away. En route you'll stop in front of the Tower of Isuledda. You will arrive back at around 5pm. Nicolas can accommodate you on board for the final night. You'll then disembark the following morning at 8am.

A tip from the Skippair seagull: Make the most of the afternoon on your eighth day to visit Ajaccio old town! Click here to plan your trip in the town.

The boat


LAGOON 470 - 14.5m


  • 4 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 4 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers


Ce catamaran parfaitement aménagé est composé de 4 cabines doubles et une bannette à disposition des passagers ainsi que d'une pointe avant aménagée pour le skipper.

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers

Food on board

The skipper cooks, you put your feet up!

Location and boarding time


Charles Ornano Port, Ajaccio

Boarding time


Landing time


How to get there ?

You can reach Ajaccio by plane, or by ferry from Marseille or Nice.

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