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Sailing course in the Nature Park in Iroise

( 5/5 ) - 2 Reviews
Aber Wrach Port
13.0 m
Up to 6 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
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The cruise

Take a yacht cruise in the Iroise Sea and discover the magic of the Brittany coast. From Aber Wrach, David will take you to the tip of Finistère and the beautiful islands of Brittany from the Iroise Marine Nature Park. You can find [more information here| -Iles-the-end-of-world]].
Discover the art of saiing amid this wild and unspoilt landscape.
Ideal for developing your sense of the sea between various anchor points and ports of call (Ouessant, Molène, Camaret, Douarnenez, Brest, Morgat).

Your possible stops during this cruise

On departing from Aber Wrach, you will set sail in the sailing area of the Iroise Marine natural park. Click here for more information about the park. You'll appreciate the beautiful landscapes of these islands where nature is in charge.

If you are leaving on a 2 day sailing trip, your skipper will offer you the opportunity to explore the archipelago of Molène and the Ile de Ouessant. Molène, the island of fishermen with its beautiful white sandy beaches is known as the "pizza" for its flat reliefs. Ouessant is the last of the Breton islands before America and it will amaze you with its wild landscapes and rugged coastline. If you go ashore, don't miss a visit to Ti Corn, the legendary bar on the island. These two mythical islands on the Brittany coast will leave you speechless.

If you decide to stay on board 5 or 6 days, you can add more stops to your cruise, such as Camaret-sur-Mer, the peninsula of Corzon, the port of Douarnenez and the Ile de Sein which is only 2 km long.

The boat


First 42 - 13.0m


  • 2 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 2 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers


Sailboat of 2 double cabins and 4 single berths at the level of the square.

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers

Food on board

The skipper helps you to cook, but everyone lends a hand.

Location and boarding time


Aber Wrach Port

Boarding time

9h selon croisière

Landing time

17h selon croisière

How to get there ?

We recommend travelling by car or car share. Alternatively there is a bus route linking Brest to Landéda where you'll find the port.

Reviews by our travellers

2 Reviews - (5/5)

The Cruise :Un grand merci à David pour cette aventure iroise , nous avons connu la pluie et le vent et du beau temps sur les iles de Molène et Ouessant , un peu moins de chance sur le dernier jour non imputable à David mais le temps était trop tempetueux .

The Skipper :Sans être une spécialiste de la voile , David nous a emmené sur cette mer agitée avec brio ,avec une utilisation des voiles telles que le spi Bon moniteur .


The Cruise :bretagne nord, les abers, mer d'iroise , molène + ouessant , un seul mot : magnifique. une organisation simple mais efficace pour apprécier cette mer et cette météo capricieuse dans cette région.

The Skipper :david est un vrai pro avec une longue expérience de la voile. plusieurs tour du monde sur son cv. son bateau , un superbe first 42 avec pilote auto pour pouvoir partager son savoir faire. à refaire.

Best memories :après quelques heures de navigation, un grain nous à surpris au large de porsall (tristement célèbre pour l'échouage de l'Amoco et sa marée noire) , nous avons pu voir le savoir faire de david dans le réglage de ces voiles.

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