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Thirteen-day activity cruise around the Grenadines.

Le Marin Port
13.79 m
Up to 8 passengers
All levels
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Shared cruise

The cruise

Depart on an activity cruise around the Grenadines aboard a spacious catamaran. Sail through turquoise-blue waters, swim amid myriad coloured fish, savour delicious lobster, and enjoy the holiday of your dreams! Discover and explore Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, the island of Mustique – which was used as a location for the well-known film the Pirates of the Caribbean – and various other splendours the archipelago has to offer.
Everyone participates in sailing the boat and in life onboard.

Your possible stops during this cruise

The following is a typical itinerary, and is inevitably subject to weather conditions.

Day one: boarding the catamaran. Dinner in a restaurant at the marina before the big departure.
Day two: first stage of the cruise, destination the island of Saint Lucia. Expect to be sailing for around four to five hours. You will then anchor up at Marigot Bay, where you will get the impression you've stepped into a different age… bathing, walking excursion ashore and dinner onboard the boat.
Day three: early morning departure for Bequia, which you'll arrive at in the afternoon. Expect to be sailing for around ten hours. You will moor up at Admiralty Bay, the island's main marina.
Day four: departure for the island of Mustique. This island, which is known as a billionaires' retreat, possesses a very beautiful white sandy anchorage. After dinner, take advantage of the opportunity to do a spot of bathing surrounded by corals and fish of all kinds. Afterwards, you can head off to take a look at the villas of the stars, amid all the vegetation and turtles.
Day five: You will set sail for the island of Canouan, anchoring up at Charlestown Bay, which, with its coral reef, is one of the most beautiful places in the Grenadines.
Day six: an entire day in the Tobago Cays. Be sure to enjoy and make the most of this decidedly magical place! Turquoise-blue waters, turtles, fish of all possible colours and an archipelago of little islets make this place one of the most beautiful sites in the world, one you'll want to stay at forever… and ever… Aperitif and dinner onboard.
Day seven: sail to Mopion, a tiny islet of white sand that's definitely worth a quick look; then depart for Union, one of the largest islands in the Grenadines. You will drop anchor at Clifton, a characteristic little town, where you will have the opportunity to go for a stroll around and purchase a few supplies. In the evening, you will dine at a traditional restaurant accompanied by music.
Day eight: sail to the island of Mayreau, stopping at Salt Whistle Bay. Bathing and visit to the island. Be sure to head for the Atlantic side, with its views out over the Tobago Cays.
Day nine: head for Petit Nevis (expect to be sailing for around five hours), the whalers' island.
Day ten: You will depart for Saint Vincent, an island with coconut trees and beaches all around its edges. You'll be able to walk the whole length of the island if you like.
Day eleven: sail back to Saint Lucia and explore Soufrière and the two Pitons, its volcanoes, which are absolute must-sees, followed by dinner onboard.
Day 12: set course for Martinique. Drop anchor at Sainte-Anne, one of Martinique's characteristically quiet, peaceful little villages. Go for a walk around the village.
Final day: last chance to go bathing in the sea before returning to the port in Le Marin and saying your final goodbyes, with your head full of wonderful images.

The boat


NAUTITECH 46 - 13.79m


  • 4 double cabin(s)
  • 2 single cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 2 shower room(s)
  • 220V

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers


Catamaran de 4 cabines doubles et 2 cabines simples. Il y a également 4 toilettes de 2 salles d'eau.

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in a single cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers

Food on board

The skipper helps you to cook, but everyone lends a hand.

Location and boarding time


Le Marin Port

Boarding time


Landing time


How to get there ?

To get to Le Marin, take a plane to Fort-de-France then travel by taxi to the port at Le Marin (a journey of around 30 minutes). Contact the skipper to organise an agreed departure time.

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