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Cruise Balearic Islands : 2 shared cruise offers with a skipper Hey, don't forget to check out our private cruise offers !

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The Spanish archipelago of the Balearics is made up of five charming islands off the coast of Barcelona. By choosing a Balearic Islands cruise, you’ll alternate between beautiful sailing, gorgeous swimming in turquoise water, and extraordinary hikes amid lush, natural surroundings. Choose the cruise format that ticks your boxes!

  • If you’d like to travel as a family or with friends, experiencing a very relaxed cruise on board a comfortable sailing boat, opt for a Balearic Islands cruise in a private catamaran for 8 people.
  • If you’re looking for a more active cruise where you’ll experience the sensations of a monohull yacht, and you’d like to alternate between sailing, relaxation and hiking, opt for a cruise in a private monohull yacht for 4 to 7 people!
  • If you’d like to travel alone or as a couple, sharing the cost of the cruise and meeting new people, opt for a cruise for individuals in a shared boat!