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Who is Georges ?

Go on a day trip to Chausey with Georges, a professional skipper, on a fast sailboat, or on a trans-Atlantic on a 15 metre sailboat!

What is your motto ?

Come and try the sailing experience!

Your sailing style ?

For sailboat trips lasting a day or two, I do not necessarily force people to participate, it is often their first experience and I really want them to enjoy this new adventure. So it is a free choice for everyone if they want to take part in the sailing or not!
For trans-Atlantic races or training courses, however, I involve the passengers. For this I immediately put them at the helm as I wish they feel at ease on board the boat.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates in sailing manœuvres

How does shopping work?

I take care of supply on board

How does cooking work?

Everybody helps cooks

How did you become skipper ?

I was born in Plevenon, a sailing town. I started in national education, not as a teacher but as a cook!
I then joined youth and sport programmes, and then, spurred on by my passion for the sea, I bought a boat, and one day I decided to make it my job.
I then passed my diploma as a professional skipper and since then, I've been bringing people to discover and practice sailing in Brittany and to the Channel Islands.

Reviews by our travellers

2 Reviews - (5/5)

The Skipper :Skipper très sympathique et compétent.


The Skipper :je conseille Georges qui est excellent et un très grand navigateur

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