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Capitaine 200 Voile, Brevet d'état Voile

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Who is Fabio ?

Take to the sea in complete confidence with Fabio, discovering the islands of Houat, Hoëdic and the Gulf of Morbihan.

What is your motto ?

The sea is a space of rigor and freedom" Victor Hugo. But let us not forget also pleasure.

Your sailing style ?

I am attentive to my customers' requests, hoping they can have as much fun as possible, while remaining safe and comfortable at the same time. I set up a personalised program at the beginning of the cruise. I share my experience and knowledge of cruising but also the maritime heritage in southern Brittany.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates if they want to

How does shopping work?

I take care of supply on board

How does cooking work?

I cook

How did you become skipper ?

Having had done some light sailing during my childhood, I arrived in Concarneau and Les Glénans sailing school at the age of 19. Since then, I have been a professional in the teaching of sailing and in particular of cruising.

Your best cruise memory

It's difficult to just choose one…. there are so many

In your opinion, what makes for a successful cruise ?

A successful cruise is sailing that exceeds expectations and allows customers to discover new things they had not previously thought of.

When you're not sailing...

By staying modest ;-) attentive, serious and relaxed.

Reviews by our travellers

2 Reviews - (5/5)

The Skipper :Fabio A su nous mettre à l’aise dès notre arrivée sur le bateau , petit breffing autour d’un café et des cartes marines, pour planifier notre séjour. Dès le départ Fabio nous a fait participer activement aux manœuvres (trop bien). Fabio est un Skippair très pédagogue très à l’écoute , Très chaleureux et nous a donné des très bons conseils de navigation, très bon guide touristique et surtout c’est un excellent cuisinier aussi. Le feeling est un bateau très agréable et la nuit fut confortable. Super super


The Skipper :Fabio est vraiment très professionnel. Il est pédagogue et sait mettre son équipage à l'aise, surtout ceux qui n'y connaissent rien ! Il est d'une grande gentillesse et simplicité, et très attentionné aux désirs et possibilités de chacun .

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