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Capitaine 200 Voile

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Who is Patrick ?

Embark with Patrick for a weekend or a week, starting from the port of La Rochelle.
Recognized for his pedagogical skills and sense of welcome, this professional skipper will help you discover the Atlantic coast of the Charente-Maritime in the Vendée, in confidence.

What is your motto ?

I make it a point of honour to assure you of how welcoming, calm and patient I am, as well as my ability to adapt to your rhythm. This is the basis of my teaching.

Your sailing style ?

The ocean boasts a large space of freedom, adventure, emotions and human relationships. It may be tender or violent, Dantean sometimes. It has its demands, it is always the strongest. It inspires me with humility, patience and observation. I love human relationships and humbly pass on my knowledge.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates if they want to

How does shopping work?

I do not take care of supplies. The clients bring what is necessary or buy it

How does cooking work?

Everybody helps cooks

How did you become skipper ?

I started sailing at age 13 as part of teen camps and sailing courses. At 20 years, I spent my savings on my first boat in joint ownership with three buddies. At its resale, I use my parts to build "Masques" which set sail in 1983 and which at the moment has nothing to envy from newer boats. In 1984 I created an association with my friends which would go on to serve as a basis for my professional life as a sailor. A life shared between convoys, charter and cruising school. In 1994 I created an individual company to manage "Masques" in yacht chartering. I love life at sea passionately, its adventures, and especially the human relationships that are mingled.

What people say about you?

I am said to be calm, patient, a good teacher and cook.

Your best cruise memory

It was when we arrived at night, with my family in the estuary of Viveiro. There was no moon, and my son, who was eight years old at the time, was at the helm, concentrating on his alignment, which was difficult to distinguish in the midst of public lighting. The air was fresh and the smell of eucalyptus was coming down from the hillsides.

In your opinion, what makes for a successful cruise ?

It is a cruise where everybody comes back happy and satisfied, disoriented, raring to go, having created so many unforgettable memories.

Reviews by our travellers

1 Review - (5/5)

The Skipper :Patrick est très pédagogue et calme, même quand ça souffle. Il nous met à l'aise et nous a fait passer un bon moment. La croisière s'est très bien passée, on a appris des choses et on a apprécié sa compagnie.

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