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Capitaine 500

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Who is René ?

René created his sailing company with his wife, Agnes, in order to bring you on a journey to discover landscapes only accessible by the sea. He likes to share his passion for sailing and enjoys explaining the basics to his crew.

What is your motto ?

Not even afraid!

Your sailing style ?

I do mostly pleasure-boat cruising, but we can also start coaching teammates to the Scilly Isles and there to accumulate miles.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates if they want to

How does shopping work?

I can stock up on supplies before departure, or the crew can do it, it is up to them.

How does cooking work?

Everybody helps cooks

How did you become skipper ?

From passion for sailing and when we created our small business, my wife and I.

What people say about you?

Nice, welcoming and educational

Your best cruise memory

Meeting Randy the dolphin on the island of Sein who I was able to pet, he knows our sailboat and often comes to see us.

In your opinion, what makes for a successful cruise ?

Passengers conquered by sailing, wowed by the discovery of magnificent landscapes, lighthouses and islands, and who have learned some basic navigation skills.

When you're not sailing...

I love nature, animals, meeting new people as well as discovering new technologies

Reviews by our travellers

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The Skipper :le skipper est un marin très expérimenté et chevronné qui connait son aire de jeu comme sa poche. Homme très agréable, disert, avec plein d'anecdotes sur su vie professionnelle de marin particulièrement riche. Journée très agréable en sa compagnie.

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