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Who is Anthony ?

Anthony has had a passion for the sea since childhood and was schooled the old-fashioned way. Early in his career he became a sports instructor and uses sailing as a tool for self-fulfillment. Anthony's teaching methods will offer both pleasure and performance.

What is your motto ?

Pleasure, relaxation and learning.

Your sailing style ?

A subtle combination of good preparation before setting out, well-planned supplies, a good analysis of weather forecasts to savour the stopovers as well as moments of relaxation and job sharing to create a good crew spirit. I also love cooking and I love cooking for the crew but I must confess, I don't have any diplomas in the trade.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates if they want to

How does shopping work?

I can stock up on supplies before departure, or the crew can do it, it is up to them.

How does cooking work?

I cook

How did you become skipper ?

I started dreaming of sailing at a young age from reading sea adventures. I left school early, preferring the adventures of sea life. After a period spent being yelled at by an old skipper steeped in the old-school, I soon became second in command and after a year of travelling I studied for my national instruction diploma.

After graduating I started instructing at a school for the disabled and young people in difficulty. I used cruises and regattas as a way of reintegrating the guys into the community and to help them find self-worth and self-fulfillment. Gradually I was able to really work on my teaching style and create something both fun and enjoyable, effective and rigorous.

After working for several years in several sailing schools along the French coast, I set out in my small yacht on my first transatlantic trip and put my feet up in the tropics.

In Martinique, I passed my professional skipper diploma and headed back to France.

Ever since I alternate teaching – which is still my favourite aspect of sailing - with pleasure cruises and regattas.

Today I have a powerful fast and comfortable Hanse 470 monohull. I take real pleasure in making the boat-world accessible to all – whether you're beginners or seasoned sailors, budding competitors or you just like boating for pleasure...

What people say about you?

A good guy and a great a teacher – as long as he's had a gallon of coffee in the morning.

Your best cruise memory

There have been so many: those arrivals in port after 15 days at sea. The thrills and spills of sailing on high-seas, concentrating hard on the breaking waves, while contemplating their beauty. Mooring and waking calmly in Les Calanques. And the most rewarding thing of all – the smiles on the faces of my crewmates.

Your worst cruise memory ?

La souffrance physique, l’hypothermie, et la fatigue extrême lors de régates en mini 6.50...

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The Skipper :Un capitaine qui en une semaine nous a appris les bases de la navigation et nous a raconté plein d'histoires de marin de course. Un skipper pro, ultra motivé et tres sympathique.

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