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Who is Luca ?

Luca, a northern Corsica skipper from Sardinia, takes you on a tour of the nearby Saint Florent aboard his sailboat Feeling 416. He shares his love of the sea and his passion of sailing with his wife Sonia, who can accompany you on a day cruise. If you want to know more about the distinctive features of the Haute-Corse, visit this site: [[]]

What is your motto ?

On board, life belongs to you

Your sailing style ?

With us, everything is adaptable. Relaxation is assured for those who, staring into space, let their souls wander, reads or sleeps by digesting it all. Introduction or improvement in sailing manoeuvres for all those who wish it. Relaxation and learning are not totally incompatible!

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates if they want to

How does shopping work?

I take care of supply on board

How does cooking work?

Hostess / Cooker on board

How did you become skipper ?

Luca: a native of Sardinia, I've always been passionate about the sea, especially underwater hunting. I started sailing with my cousin and maternal uncle some twenty years ago I then decided to do a Professional Youth and Sports certificate to teach sailing to both young and old ... I worked in sailing club and at the same time, I prepared for the Captain 200 Sailing exam.
In 2010, I started my sailing company in Maddalena (Sardinia) and then in Saint-Florent in 2011.

Sonia: in love with the ocean from a very young age, I am native of the Pyrenees Atlantiques and keen on weekends and holidays in the Basque Country. I entered the world of sailing thanks to my brother, who participated in regattas aboard his Pogo. Meeting Luca at a sailing club allowed me to fully and professionally engage with him when he started his company.

I manage the reservations, prepare all the onions, tapenade and limoncello ... and adore cooking on board as soon as I embark! "

What people say about you?

We should ask them, but I think I know how to teach and know how to share my passions in sailing, diving and small meals with a few good wines._x000D_

Your best cruise memory

The best memories are certainly the beautiful encounters with cetaceans. The dolphins dancing under the bow waves, their piercing regards, frightening and moving making us the men who we are.

In your opinion, what makes for a successful cruise ?

A crew that promises to come back!

Your worst cruise memory ?

The worst memories? uh ... certainly the days when the weather is rotten and the frustration of not being able to offer the crew, for a time being, what they wanted to do.

Reviews by our travellers

3 Reviews - (5/5)

The Skipper :Lucas est un skipper qui sait mettre ses petits mousses en confiance. Un paddle, des combinaisons, masques et tuba sont mis a disposition et des jouets sont même proposés pour occuper des enfants. Le repas était simple mais de qualité. Merci à Lucas de nous avoir fait découvrir cette belle côte des Agriates. La rencontre sur le bateau de personnes de multiples nationalité nous a permis également de repartir avec de bons souvenirs.


The Skipper :Skipper très avenant, souriant et sachant mettre une bonne ambiance à bord. Il connait très bien le coin et sait trouver les bons mouillages.


The Skipper :Cool, souriant, pas mal discuté, on a appris des choses, Luca est super !

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