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Who is David ?

Embark with David from the Aber Wrach to discover the secrets of Brittany by sailboat.

What is your motto ?

Everything is perfect!

Your sailing style ?

I like sailing on a boat that is well regulated, to satisfy the spirit of adventure and sharing.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates in sailing manœuvres

How does shopping work?

I can stock up on supplies before departure, or the crew can do it, it is up to them.

How does cooking work?

Everybody helps cooks

How did you become skipper ?

I became a skipper following a transatlantic convoy in 1992!

What people say about you?

People appreciate how good I explain things and my knowledge of the marine world in general, my maritime experience has provided me with many stories and anecdotes to share.

Your best cruise memory

Anchorages in the Tobago Marine Park Cays, the Caribbean, with my wife and our children aboard our sailboat.

In your opinion, what makes for a successful cruise ?

When arriving back to the port at the end, it is difficult to get off the ship and leave your seafaring companions.

Your worst cruise memory ?

A storm during a transatlantic conveyance off the coast of Morocco, just before Madeira. We were scared.

Reviews by our travellers

4 Reviews - (5/5)

The Skipper :Le skipper au top à tout niveau il nous a appris beaucoup de chose sur la navigation et nous a permis de pratiquer de plus très bon esprit très ouvert et très sympathique. Je le recommande vivement.


The Skipper :Excellent skipper qui connaît très bien son bateau. ..très chaleureux et pédagogue. Je recommande!


The Skipper :Sans être une spécialiste de la voile , David nous a emmené sur cette mer agitée avec brio ,avec une utilisation des voiles telles que le spi Bon moniteur .


The Skipper :david est un vrai pro avec une longue expérience de la voile. plusieurs tour du monde sur son cv. son bateau , un superbe first 42 avec pilote auto pour pouvoir partager son savoir faire. à refaire.

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