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Who is Alain ?

Embark with Alain on a sailing course in Brittany. Enjoy this cruise with Alain to discover the Gulf of Morbihan, the Breton islands and train or improve your sailing skills!

What is your motto ?

The passion of sailing is a pleasure.

Your sailing style ?

Passionate about sailing and teaching, I accompany you on your cruise and your sailing discovery.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates in sailing manœuvres

How does shopping work?

I take care of supply on board

How does cooking work?

I cook

How did you become skipper ?

Since 1991, the year when I got my state diploma, I haven't stopped sailing!

What people say about you?

People say that I am a good at explaining things and love how much experience I have. I am a pretty calm person.

Reviews by our travellers

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The Skipper :Alain connaît bien le job et nous fait profiter à fond, même pour des débutants comme nous au départ. Il est très pédagogue, personne très sympathique. Nous le recommandons 😀

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