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Who is Dylan ?

Dylan Sturm, a young skipper of 25 years of age, has sailed the Greek Islands since his childhood so has many years of experience behind him.

What is your motto ?

Sailing and fishing

Your sailing style ?

Je fais participer mon équipage aux manœuvre et je vous ferai également découvrir de précieuses techniques de pêche.

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates in sailing manœuvres

How does shopping work?

I can stock up on supplies before departure, or the crew can do it, it is up to them.

How does cooking work?

I do not cook

How did you become skipper ?

I grew up on Syros and I have been fishing off the Greek Islands since I was young. I know them like the back of my hand. I passed my professional skipper's diploma at the age of 21 at the Royal Yachting Association in Holland/

What people say about you?

I love sharing sailing manoeuvres with my crew. I can also teach you a few handy fishing techniques.

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