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Who is Stéphane ?

Your skipper, Stéphane, along with your hostess, Julie, happily welcome you aboard their catamaran for an unforgettable cruise!
Julie will be your hostess and will make you sure you feel welcome and that everything runs smoothly on board. She will also prepare exquisite dishes just for you! Stéphane is a professional skipper and will be in charge of navigation and all technical aspects of the cruise. Both Stéphane and Julie are there to make sure you have the best possible vacation experience!

What is your motto ?

The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist hopes that it will change, and the realist adjusts their sails.

Your sailing style ?

It’s the sea who decides. One must adapt to her!

How do you handle the life on board ?

I explain, the crew participates if they want to

How does shopping work?

I take care of supply on board

How does cooking work?

I cook

How did you become skipper ?

I have always loved the sea. As a child, I would go fishing with my grandfather early in the morning. I spent my summers on the water. I found this blue expanse to be pleasing, beautiful and full of intrigue. As I grew up, I was seized by life circumstances, work, a house, and a family, and visited the sea only on vacation. But three years ago, I decided to return to my priorities!

What people say about you?

That I’m cheeky! Haha!

Your best cruise memory

Every memory is the best when your career is your passion!

In your opinion, what makes for a successful cruise ?

A cruise that you return to again and again like the sweet taste of candy…

Your worst cruise memory ?

I don’t really have a bad cruise memory. The least positive memories have always been the best learning experiences!

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