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Bay of Naples: Sailing cruise and hike!

( 3/5 ) - 2 Reviews
Procida Port
13.9 m
Up to 8 passengers
All levels
Available in :
Private cruise

The cruise

Sail away through the Bay of Naples and discover the magnificent Amalfi coast, a listed Unesco heritage site. The fishing ports and terraced housing with parasol pines along the coastline are so delightful, you're sure to fall in love. And naturally the local mozzarella de Buffala, the pride of the region, is to die for. It is a perfect region for hiking, bathing, sailing and lazing. You'll only have one regret: that at the end of your stay you'll have to come home.

Your skipper will introduce you to the wonders of the coastline. Depending on the weather conditions you might visit the beautiful seaside resort of Positano on the south-east tip of the Amalfi coast, which according to legend was created by Neptune, the god of the sea, in his efforts to seduce a nymph. The village is known for its many steep staircases which snake up to its summit from the beach. You'll also probably stop over in Capri. And that's not all: there is also an option to visit the beautiful island of Ischia and discover the magnificent panoramas and its typical fishing villages!
The hiking trails in the program are optional and guide charges are not included in the package. You can also set out hiking solo by followed the marked hiking trails. Crew members who don't feel like walking can stay on-board and make the most of the magnificent beaches.

Your possible stops during this cruise

Day 1: Procida
Meet-up at 5pm in Procida, discover the yacht. Night in the port.
Day 2: Procida -> Amalfi
Breakfast on board with local pastries from the local bakery La Lingua Procidana before setting sail for Amalfi (5 hours journey). Night moored in the port.
Day 3: Amalfi -> Positano
Breakfast on board. One option is to set out for Agerola (by bus or taxi) and then enjoy a magnificent hike. The Sentieri degli Dei provides a stunning 4 hour trail along the Amalfi coast amid the magnificent foliage and vegetation of the Mediterranean. The trail will take you to Positano where you'll discover the skipper and the boat (as well as any crew members who stayed on board)! Dinner on board and night at anchor.
Day 4: Positano -> Capri -> Sorrente
Breakfast with local Positano delicacies and departure for Capri. Visit the island or bath in the shade of Les Faraglioni. Then set sail for a two hour cruise to Sorrente with a magnificent view over the tip of Amalfi from the sea. Night at anchor in a bay or port.
Day 5: Sorrente (Pompei)
Breakfast on board and possible departure for Pompei by taxi to visit the remains of the Roman city buried under ash after the volcanic eruption over a thousand years ago (an audioguide is also an option). Then visit the culprit, Vesuvius and discover its incredible crater. The trail up to the crater commands magnificent views of the Bay of Naples. At the craters edge you can admire the volcano's history written in its walls and the stratification of its rocks. Return to Sorrente by taxi and night at anchor.
Day 6: Sorrente -> Ischia
Breakfast on board and departure for the beautiful island of Ischia, (4-5 hours journey). Night at anchor in Sant'Angelo with the possibility of leaving the boat to visit the fishing village.
Day 7: Ischia - > Procida
Breakfast on board. Then you have the option of a trip to Monte Epomeo (by bus or taxi), providing a beautiful three and a half hour hike to the summit of the island of Ischia to savour its magnificent panoramic view. You could then bathe in the thermal spa of Sorgeto, before setting out for Procida (1 hour journey). Night at anchor in the Spiaggia della Chiaia before the typical fishing village of La Corricella.
Day 8: Procida
Breakfast on board and return to the port of Procida.

The boats


Oceanis 423 - 13.9m


  • 4 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 3 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in the middle


Sailboat of 4 double cabins, and 3 bathrooms / wc


Hanse 370 - 11.2m


  • 3 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 1 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in the middle


Sailboat with 3 double cabins, and 1 bathroom / wc

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in the middle

Food on board

The skipper helps you to cook, but everyone lends a hand.

Location and boarding time


Procida Port

Boarding time


Landing time


How to get there ?

Book a flight to Naples. (Less than 200€ A/R : EasyJet and Transavia)
From the airport, take the bus (3€/pers) or taxi (25€ ride) to the ferry terminal. Then take a ferry to Procia (12€/pers)

Reviews by our travellers

2 Reviews - (3/5)

The Cruise :le skipper a changé le programme initial avec notre accord, les étapes en bateau étaient parfois un peu longues (surtout au moteur!) l'accueil à procida a été pratiquement inexistant, le skipper a fait le minimum à bord : aucune aide pour la préparation des repas, très peu de dialogue.... nous avons eu des problèmes avec la pompe à eau et l'annexe se dégonflait nous n'avons pas pu aller à terre à capri ! l'accueil au retour a été totalement inexistant !! le skipper est parti très vite et nous n'avons vu personne de skippair

The Skipper :le skipper en a fait le moins possible et était à la limite de l'amabilité!


The Cruise :Tout d'abord, un manque d accueil au bateau pas de skipper présent quand on est arrivés. Par hasard, nous avons croise le soi disant responsable qui nous annonce que nous changeons de bateau et de skipper. Deuxièmement, le programme prévu a été revu largement : les iles pontines et pas la cote amalfitaine , mise à part une rapide incursion de 2h à Positano. Le skipper n ayant pas du tout envie de faire capri et la cote amalfitaine a mis en avant la cherté des frais de port, du fait quil n y aurait pas de places dans les ports, etc, etc. Pas de randonnées possibles mais vu la foule et la chaleur, ce n était peut être pas plus mal. Peu de voile et beaucoup de moteur (dont une journée entière de Ponza à iischia). Je comprends que l itinéraire puisse etre revu mais c est dommage de ne pas le savoir avant de partir.

The Skipper :Une opinion tres mitigée. Peu d enthousiasme de sa part et un problème global d empathie . Il a surtout géré la croisière et les escales de facon à préserver sa tranquillité !

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