sail-away gift box

1 day or 1 weekend - five destinations to choose from

Offer the box
From 135 /person
Total box
  • 1 day on a sailing boat
  • End of weekend cleaning charge.
  • Deposit.
  • Shipping costs to UK destination.
  • Ship's kitty covering food costs (inc. the skipper's meals) and non-alcoholic drinks: €25/day/person.
  • Transport to the meeting point.
  • Personal excursions and optional activities
  • Bedlinen
  • In the absence of an on-board hostess, everybody contributes to meal arrangements.

*Any price gap between the price of the box and the price of the cruise can not be refunded in any way

Offer your loved-ones our sail-away gift box.

What do Christmas, Valentine's day, birthdays, mother's days and father's days have in common? They're great excuses for offering the gift of the ocean! Offer your loved-ones a sea adventure! Depending on the price you're looking for, there are day or weekend packages (the weekend package includes one night on board)! And we have 5 magical seascapes for you to discover. Set sail for the Channel Islands, the Glénan Islands, the Gironde estuary or the Calanques in Marseille...

1A gift for all!

Gift package deals are managed by professional skippers, so there is no need for prior knowledge of sailing. No experience necessary! The perfect way to make your loved-ones' dreams come true and send them on a beautiful relaxing sea adventure.

2They get to choose the destination

No need to select the destination in advance! Each gift box (day or weekend) offers 5 destinations in France, based in 5 ports around France, from Normandy to the Côte d'Azur, ports like Granville, la Rochelle and Toulon. Sail away without a care in the world!

3Your package in a pirate box!

Because at Skippair, we like doing things well. So we decided to design a special package for this special gift: a pirate's wooden treasure chest – containing a message in a bottle explaining your gift. As well as a collection of lucky shells!!

4Prices for every pocket!

Depending on your budget, select from the following options :

For 135€ 1 day at sea for 1 person (delivery costs included)
For 235€ 1 weekend at sea for 1 person (delivery costs included)
For 250€ 1 day at seas for 2 people (delivery costs included)
For 490€ 1 weekend at sea for 2 people! (delivery costs included)

5A gift that's so easy to give!

Just select the type of gift box by filling in the two options (1 person / 2 people & 1 day / 1 weekend), and tell us the address to send it to. We'll take care of the rest. On receipt of the gift box, your loved one can contact us to reserve the destination and dates of their choice.

Destination examples