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Our tips to find your next cruise.

From the Greek islands to the charm of Italy, from the Côte d’Azur to Brittany, from the Lofoten islands to Spitsbergen – you’re sure to find the cruise of your dreams in Western Europe!

  • If you’re looking for an accessible destination to discover the intense sensations of sailing, choose a cruise along the French coast! Whether it’s a weekend cruise to the Channel Islands, a southern Brittany cruise to discover Houat and Hoëdic or a Côte d’Azur cruise, France is rich in breath-taking scenery.
  • If you prefer warmth, turquoise water and the beaches of your dreams, opt for a Cyclades cruise or an Ionian Islands cruise in the Greek islands, off the coasts of Croatia and Italy!
  • Looking for adventure? Do you want to take on a challenge and discover the breath-taking scenery of the far north? Take a robust boat and set sail for Norway for a Lofoten cruise!