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Beaches with fine sand, palm trees, sun, turquoise lagoons and volcanoes: Guadeloupe is truly enchanting. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced sailor, and whether you want to escape for a day or for two weeks, find something you like among our cruises in Guadeloupe!

  • If you’re looking for an unusual activity for a day, opt for a day cruise in Guadeloupe on board a big catamaran, where you can watch sea turtles and explore the seabed. Ideal for large groups!
  • If you have a week’s holiday and you’d like to head to the Caribbean as a family or with friends, opt for a Guadeloupe cruise in a private, comfortable catamaran for up to 10 people! You’ll experience an unforgettable cruise at your own pace, discovering the islands of Les Saintes, Marie-Galante and La Désirade, all real gems!
  • If you’re looking for a real change of scenery and want to take your time to make the most of Guadeloupe, opt for a 10 to 16 day cruise in a private catamaran for up to 6 people.[ You’ll navigate from island to island, alternating between exploring and sailing.

« Guadeloupe » cruises : our favorite experiences !

To live to the rhythm of the islands of Guadeloupe and to bathe in beaches with the postcard decoration... In boat, Guadeloupe depays and drunk as she is beautiful under all the facets.
To each his island. Discover which island is right for you. Do you want to discover them all? Discover them during your sailing cruise with your professional skipper.

Grande-Terre: Let it be said, Grande-Terre brings together almost everything you can do in Guadeloupe. During your stopover, stroll between the turquoise lagoons and the rich countryside. Take a break and enjoy delicious Acras or Colombo. Before heading out to sea, discover the many hikes that Grande-Terre offers.

Basse Terre: This island will delight the adventurers, who will, during stops, climb the Soufrière: the famous dormant volcano. Do not miss a swim under a waterfall while crossing the rainforest. The mountain will certainly not make you forget La Perle, Grande-Anse of Trois-Rivières and Deshaies. Dive lovers, the Cousteau reserve is a must!

The Saints. During your sailing cruise, head with your skipper to the dazzling Islets des Saintes. With a rich culture, the Saintes archipelago offers breathtaking views. Considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world, take the height towards the fortification of the camel. Breathtaking !

Marie Galante: Land of sugar cane and rum, enjoy your stopover to dive into the traditions of this island. You will have the impression that time has stopped here by discovering the ox carts coming from the distilleries. An authenticity not to be missed.

Claire de Skippair delivers her favorites for a colorful Guadeloupe cruise!

  • #1 - The islands of Saintes
    Mandatory stop at Les Saintes during your cruise in Guadeloupe! Visit the fort Napoleon on the heights of this small former colonial island and the evening towards the Coconut bar, before returning to the boat for a sweet night at anchor, under the stars.
  • #2 - An anchorage at the Grande Anse beach in Deshaies
    A large expanse of sand where one has the impression of having the sea just for us, it is a privilege of which it is necessary to benefit a long time so much this spectacle is rare. Meet at the Grande Anse beach in Deshaies, for a break away from the world on the waters of Guadeloupe.
  • #3 - Snorkeling at the Pointe des Châteaux
    At the heart of your cruise in Guadeloupe, do not miss the Pointe des Châteaux. It is the ideal place to admire and swim with dozens of small multicolored fish with coral. And to enjoy a magnificent view of all of Guadeloupe, climb on the small hill next to it.
  • #4 - A dive at the Cousteau Foundation
    Go to Bouillante to see the turtles and learn more about the marine ecosystem of Guadeloupe, which is so rich and diverse. This is one of those activities that we do not miss for anything in the world when cruising in Guadeloupe.
  • #5 - The Islet Gosier
    An aperitif is required on the beach at Îlet Gosier, an islet surrounded by beautiful mini-beaches. Take the opportunity to bubble! After all, a cruise in Guadeloupe, it is also done to relax and enjoy the small pleasures of life: the sun, idleness, the beach and coconut trees.