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All-inclusive luxury cruise in the Dodecanese

Marmaris marina
26.5 m
Up to 16 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
Available in :
Shared cruise Private cruise

The cruise

Set sail in Rhodes, embark on board a luxury sailboat and discover the Dodecanese, those heavenly islands off the coast of Greece! Once aboard, your guide Phillipe will explain to you all the region’s secrets. Between islands, savor local delicacies, relax, and swim in the sea! Did you know that the name Rhodes derives from Greek mythology? Zeus and the Olympic gods shared the world. But Helios, god of the sun, was left out…! So, he demanded his fair share from Zeus, who, after long discussions, granted him the land that would emerge from the sea. When a magnificent island emerged, Helios accepted it. The name Rhodes came from his wife, the nymph, Rhode, daughter of Poseidon, who gave him 8 children.

Your possible stops during this cruise

Itinerary for your all-inclusive luxury cruise in the Dodecanese.

Day 1: First meeting around 4 pm at the port of Rhodes, by the port’s concierge, embarkation. Aperitif then free or guided tours of the medieval city. Dinner on board the ship.

Day 2: Navigation toward the island of Symi (3 hours sailing time), one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. At the end of the morning, you will pay a visit to the monastery of Archangel Michael in Panormitis, replete with treasures. After lunch, take a siesta and then swim in the superb bay of Agios Georgios. By the end of the day, you will reach the port of Symi, the most beautiful in the country, with its lovely houses in every color, pastel shades of yellow and green...that will take you to another world. You will then have a chance to see the fort (Kastro).

Day 3: In the morning, head towards Tilos (3 hours sailing time). On the itinerary, a day spent swimming in the beautiful coves! Improvised coastal strolls are always an option, and the island’s back country is full of chapels and fortresses in ruins. From the port of Livadakia, you can reach the village of Mikro Chorio and enjoy the illuminated ruins from the vantage of a charming and lively bar. Dinner on board.

Day 4: Set sail for Nisyros (3 hours sailing time). First you will stopover at the island of Gyali and its dreamlike beach. Then, at the end of the day, head for the volcano of Nisyros. If you wish, you could also visit Nikia, which overlooks the island and offers a magnificent panorama. Dinner on board.

Day 5: Head to Knidos for lunch, where underfoot lie foundations attributed first to Perses, then Spartans, Greeks, and Romans. Take advantage of the great views of monuments, temples, and theaters offered to you by the wonderful vantages of the sailboat. Visit the temple of Knidos where the famous statue of Aphrodite is found. Then make for an inlet for the night. Dinner on board.

Day 6: For your penultimate day, sail from cove to cove on a journey that is sure to leave you with fantastic memories…! A day for relaxation and swimming in the region’s most beautiful coves. A surprise stopover will be on offer after dinner…

Day 7: Return trip to Rhodes (3 hours sailing time). Arrive in the middle of the afternoon and take an improvised tour of the most important of Europe’s medieval towns. Take full advantage of this stopover: discover the colossus, its medieval fort and ramparts housing 7 majestic ports. Visit the village of Lindos, 55 km from Rhodes, a magnificent coastal site. Ride mules to the rock of acropolis and discover the sanctuary of Athena dating back to 400 B.C.
If you wish to stay for a little while, take a visit to the archeological museum, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knight of Rhodes, or walk the ringed path of knights at the foot of the ramparts!

Day 8: Breakfast on board and then debarkment at 8:30 a.m. Transportation to the airport.

Note: Once per week in July and August: Dinner in White with the captain! Champagne will be offered on the ship deck, heads in the clouds. A single requirement...please bring along an all-white outfit. You’re going to love it…

The boat


Caïque - 26.5m


  • 8 double cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 8 shower room(s)

The skipper sleeps in a double cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers


Caique of 8 double cabins, 2 of which have separate beds, this luxury boat will offer you maximum comfort. With its large table reserved for meals, its nap and its deckchairs on the deck, it gives an impression of little paradise ... let yourself be carried away....

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in a double cabin, the other cabins are available for passengers

Food on board

The skipper cooks, you put your feet up!

Location and boarding time


Marmaris marina

Boarding time


Landing time


How to get there ?

For this cruise, we advise you to take a plane to Rhodes. A number of airlines serve this destination from France: Easyjet, Czech Air, Alitalia, and Aegean all offer affordable prices, starting at 200€/person during the summer.
The Rhodes airport is located 16 km from the port (where your boat will be waiting for you).

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