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Guadeloupe catamaran cruise with Alain

Pointe-a-Pitre Port
13.61 m
Up to 10 passengers
All levels
Recommended for families
Available in :
Private cruise

The cruise

Head off to explore the islands of Guadeloupe, with a programme combining beautiful sailing with exciting activities such as snorkelling and fishing, or simply the chance to relax and take things easy! Info provided by Guadeloupe specialists and enthusiasts is available here!

Your possible stops during this cruise

Embark on a cruise exploring Guadeloupe and its dependencies: first stop Marie-Galante. This is third largest island in the Antilles in terms of surface area, and when visiting you'll get to visit the most beautiful beaches in the whole archipelago. The island's inhabitants have managed to preserve their traditional way of life, and you'll be able to completely immerse yourself in their charming customs and practices. Next, it's off to the Petite Terre Islands and the îles des Saintes ('Islands of the Saints'), which are simply bursting with plants and wildlife. Many are the inhabitants of Brittany and Normandy who came to live on this charming archipelago, with its little cobbled streets and traditional shops. Don't forget to visit Fort Napoléon, from where there are exceptional panoramic views to be had.

And finally, you will explore the island of La Désirade, which still remains wild and untamed, and not so concreted over! The ambiance here is warm and friendly, and everybody knows everyone else!

The skipper may need to alter the itinerary should weather conditions demand it and to match your preferences, which he will try to accommodate as far as possible.

The boat


Lagoon 440 - 13.61m


  • 4 double cabin(s)
  • 2 single cabin(s)
  • kitchen
  • 4 shower room(s)
  • 220V

The skipper sleeps in the middle


Catamaran with 4 cabins with double beds.

Practical information

Life on board

Where do we sleep ?

The skipper sleeps in the middle

Food on board

The passengers cook but a hostess option is available

Location and boarding time


Pointe-a-Pitre Port

Boarding time


Landing time


How to get there ?

Fly directly from Paris to Point-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe (Air France, Air Caraïbes or Corsair). From the airport, take a taxi to the agreed port.

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