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Cruise Cyclades : 4 shared cruise offers with a skipper Hey, don't forget to check out our private cruise offers !

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Discover real picture-postcard scenery and enjoy an authentic and original experience in the Cyclades archipelago, off the coast of Athens. 250 islets and some pleasant surprises are waiting for you …

  • If you’d like to spend a relaxing cruise on board a comfortable sailing boat as a family, or with friends, opt for a Cyclades cruise in a private Catamaran or in a private sailboat for up to eight people.
  • If you’re more active and would like to alternate between sailing and exploring, opt for a hiking cruise or a diving cruise! Unforgettable scenery, both under the sea and above it, is waiting to be discovered in the Cyclades.
  • If you’re travelling alone or as a couple, and dream of discovering this mysterious archipelago, opt for a cruise for individuals in the Cyclades! You’ll share your cruise with other passengers who, like you, have dreamed about discovering this wonderful region.